R & D GG Labs

We have a reputation for delivering complex webcasts

This is because innovation and problem solving are part of our culture. We take every opportunity to push the boundaries on what is possible technically whilst mitigating the risks involved.

So when clients come to us with ideas that really put us to the test be they innovative or crazy, we are able to respond with solutions that deliver in the most effective way possible. Getting us involved in the process early on adds a lot of value as we can help you plan the project from the ground up with the right solution in mind.

Measuring the Return on Investment on GG LABS and Innovation

We believe that our results speak for themselves and that our innovations genuinely have an impact on people’s lives. For example, we were the first (and to our knowledge the only) company to provide live, unscripted subtitling services. This functionality, embraced by the Disabilities Rights Commission (DRC) allowed disabled viewers to benefit from watching live webcasts.

We work with our clients to not only tell them about what is possible, but also attend early client meetings to ensure that a good idea is not passed up for being “impossible”. In general we approach a challenging project using our “possible, feasible, doable” methodology. Anything is possible if you commit enough resources to it, however not many of us have unlimited resources so we work with clients to ensure that the technical solution we present is ‘feasible’ and then based on the constraints of time and budget, suggest a balanced solution and commit to what is ‘doable’. We truly appreciate the value of brand affinity so we always mitigate risk to ensure that a technical solution doesn’t undermine a client’s or brand’s reputation.

Give us a Challenge

Whilst we sometimes focus on “just making existing things better”, we tend to really shine when we are given a real-world challenge to solve. Our most successful projects are usually as a result of applying lessons learnt and applications devised from different industries to create innovation.

Great examples include:

• Webcasting from the middle of a game reserve in Africa for 24/7 for a week

• Streaming out a single live stream and converting into 5 formats for 10 different devices automatically

• Webcasting live as a man flew from Europe to Africa with a jet engine on his back

• Producing live webcasts which are translated in 14 languages in real time

• Helping clients control 10,000 clips in an archive across 5 continents

• Creating a technology which can produce a physical response from Twitter

You can see more examples of labs work via our Special Projects page.

To enable us to spend our time on R&D we have labs at two facilities in London. The GG Lab at our head office in Old Street is where we not only experiment with webcasting and “neighbouring” technology but also test the integration of our ideas within the market with our partners. It’s this constant iterative cycle that hones the new products and services we offer, ready for use in the real world.

Our other GG lab test facility is part of our sister company SatStream. This broadcast-standards facility allows us to test our broadcast innovations not only reaching set-top boxes (STBs) and other IP devices but also bringing the traditional broadcast experience to the web. Over the top (OTT), Live TV, and IPTV middleware are very much a key focus within this lab.

If you are looking for help developing a solution to any sort of technically difficult problem, get in contact to see how we can bring the labs mentality to create a definitive solution.