Case Studies

Northern Territory Tourism Google Hangout

The Project

Northern Territory Tourism Google Hangout

The Partner

Beyond Content

Client Testimonial

"We received a terrific response with the Hangout… which forms part of our new digital approach to marketing the Northern Territory 24/7 and (it) was extremely exciting to participate in."

Matt Conlan - Minister for Tourism and Major Events

The Brief

Charged with the task of promoting and developing tourism in the Northern territories, Newly appointed Minister for Tourism, Matt Conlan and Northern Territories CEO, Tony Mayell dropped into the Groovy Gecko Studio to broadcast a Google Hangout in a bid to interact with Journalists and bloggers.

Having already held press events in Singapore and Germany they continued their campaign to raise the profile of the Northern Territories when they reached London in collaboration with Beyond Content we created a virtual press release; a Google Hangout inviting the world’s top travel bloggers to interact with the speakers. On the 11th March, our Google Hangout On Air was broadcast across YouTube and Google+. Bloggers watched a live video stream and posed questions directly to the Minister and the CEO across Twitter, Google Chat, Google+ and YouTube.

The Challenge

The main challenge for this project was to ensure the creation of a professional looking piece of content with the different parties involved smoothly integrated into the Hangout.

While Google hangouts can be self-managed, this can mean the image quality is poor and the quality of the production is very low.

Our Approach

Groovy Gecko helped ensure that the quality of the picture and the reliability of the stream were of a high standard to match the profile of the event.  This approach married to Beyond Content’s excellent production in the Groovy Gecko studio ensured that despite the content being produced using a readily available free platform the event felt slick and professional.

The event took place in out central London studio. From here we could ensure that the Google Hangout ran smoothly, ensuring high video and audio quality and moderating the questions coming in from the travel bloggers. Groovy Gecko managed the flow of the event, by coordinating the timing of the speakers and moderating which questions were submitted to them.

The advantage of a Google Hangout is that like any webcast, people from all over the world can participate, compared to a conventional press conference. However the advantage of the Google Hangout is the capability for 9 participants to chat to the presenters live via a video connection, on a free platform that is easily accesible

In this instance 33 travel bloggers participated in the event. 9 took part in the Google Hangout and a further 24 watched via YouTube and interacted via Twitter. These bloggers were based in five countries, including the UK, US, Norway, Sweden and Ireland.

All in all we were able to deliver a highly successful event which expanded the reach of a traditional press conference, over a readily accessible platform while ensuring the quality of the event was kept to the highest possible standard.