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BP Live Webcasting and Video delivery

The Project

BP Live Webcasting and Video delivery

The Partner


Client Testimonial

"I wanted to email you to say what a fantastic job you did to help deliver the live webcast for BP. A big thanks to all the team – an excellent job!"

Jonathan Lockwood, BP Webcast Manager

The Brief

BP needs to consistently deliver high quality live webcasting to their internal and external audiences.

Our Approach

Groovy Gecko has worked on a large number of webcasts with BP since 2004, delivering successful and at times bespoke solutions while at the same time gaining the trust of one of the world’s largest organisations.You can see some of the key milestones here:

Work with BP since 2004

Oct ‘04 – E&P World/Group Crisis Management
Bespoke on-demand pages offering multi-language subtitles and synchronised slides.

Dec ‘06 First Internal Live Webcast
We have worked with BP to develop the internal webcast format to deliver in excess of 25 internal webcasts every year and look to produce 35+ in 2012/13.

April ’08 First External Live Webcast
Successfully delivered and now deliver four quarterly results webcasts, AGM, strategy day and occasional executive briefings.

Jan ’10 Kontiki Integration
Worked to integrate an enterprise streaming solution into the Groovy Gecko Live Presentation System at BP’s request to enable them to deliver highly scalable internal webcasts.

July ‘10 Request to extend Net Roadshow
We assisted BP by taking over responsibility for web hosting to cover a shortfall on a previous supplier contract.

Dec ‘11 Octoshape Integration
Worked to integrate Octoshape into the Groovy Gecko’s Live Presentation System as requested by BP to further improve scalability of internal webcast.

Jan ‘12 Quarterlies redesign
Full reworking of external webcast pages to meet BP design and functionality requirements.

Aug ‘12 First GG Hub Webcast
Extended internal webcast offering to introduce the acquisition of webcasts from BP sites around the world and rebroadcast the webcasts globally.

May ‘13 Online Video Platform delivery
Requested to demonstrate our Online Video Platform offering led to a very successful trial which followed by a full deployment in 2013. The OVP now delivers video into over 200 sites.

Summer ‘15 Upgrade of Live Presentation System
We deployed a full upgrade of our Live Presentation System (LPS) for BP webcasts allowing new functionality to be added.

Additional technology was added to enable Groovy Gecko to capture content from telepresence rooms and rebroadcast it as a live interactive webcast to audiences within BP.


4Q example

We were approached by BP to setup and deliver the live webcasting of their 4Q full year 2015 results. The 4Q results are a good example of how the service has developed. It was a fully managed multi-session event with a break in the afternoon, utilising Groovy Gecko’s auto-rollover staging moving between live and offline throughout the day.

For the webpages, our engineers have created a branded custom templates with pre-registration fields so that the client could monitor the number of people who had registered and which company they were from. Data collation was very important to BP as they a keen to deliver their results to the right people.

As with all webcasts, risk mitigation is a key priority for our business and the whole delivery underwent a number of tests to ensure a resilient solution had been put in place. From an initial bandwidth recce at the client’s venue, hosting the pages on load balanced servers, multiple cross browser testing and having a second stream in case of failure on the first, all ensured we delivered a seamless webcast to both viewer and client.

A software test was added to the pre-live pages. The test allowed viewers to log on and test a number of streams at various bit rates so they could determine which worked better with their internet connection. This pre live test meant the majority of viewers could seamlessly log on to the live webcast and not miss any of the webcast.

On the live day, we took Groovy Gecko encoding equipment, setup, tested and used the connectivity at the venue. Two of our engineers were onsite on the day of the webcast, one monitoring the streams while the second pushed the slides to the webpages in synchronisation with the key note speakers.

Following the conclusion of the webcast, an on-demand indexed replay was made available on demand where viewers could login and watch the webcast at their leisure. Groovy Gecko incorporated our Instant Insight stats package which allowed the client to view stats for both the live event and on demand video to see the number of viewers and data consumption in real time.

Client Testimonial

“I wanted to email you to say what a fantastic job you did to help deliver the live webcast for BP. This was a complex webcast requiring a measured approach and high level of attention to detail and redundancy. The BP presenters including the CIO Dana Deasy found it well planned and professionally run. The successful planning and implementation shows that we have one of the best if not the best webcasting solutions out there. A big thanks to all the team – an excellent job!”

Jonathan Lockwood, BP Webcast Manager