Case Studies


The Project


The Partner

Creamer and Sundt for Unilever

Client Testimonial

"A huge THANK YOU from the Creamer and Lloyd team for making this event a success. Massively appreciate all your efforts from planning to execution."

Katy Robinson, Assistant Producer

The Brief

To deliver a complex two and a half hour team webcast which uses a range of interactive functionality including Q&A, live video contributions and polling.

The Challenge

To deliver an innovative webcast which uses the very latest technical platforms while managing the risks associated with using new technology.

Our Approach

Working with Creamer and Sundt, Unilever’s agency , as one unified team we delivered a very successful project.

The webcast was designed to be a unifying meeting for the worldwide media team and so we used Skype and other technology to bring in participants from around the world. This allowed the participants to contribute to the discussion based in London. We produced the entire webcast taking care of everything from production and content management to delivering the webcast pages.

The  content was substantial and continued to grow, shift and change until 24 hours before the transmission of the live webcast so we had to be adaptive to the changing needs of the client while mitigating the risks of a continually changing running order.

The broadcast lasted for just under three hours and included two remote participants, six video play-ins and thirteen live speakers. The webcast slide deck contained over 120 slides.

The Result

The webcast was considered to be a very engaging and dynamic event for the worldwide team with a very high average viewing time.