Case Studies

Forza Horizon 2 launch into Twitch

The Project

Forza Horizon 2 launch into Twitch

The Partner

Attention Seekers and Microsoft

The Brief

The brief was to utilise the Twitch platform for the release of ‘Forza Horizon 2’ and deliver a HD quality to stream to fans of the game via the popular gaming network.

The Challenge

The main challenges were to ensure the stream was of the best possible quality, so that fans of Forza could see the detailed graphics of the game in all its glory, and to ensure the stream was reliably delivered.

Our Approach

Groovy using its custom built encoders on site and by  collaborating closely with the on site production team ensured that a very high quality video was delivered. Groovy has extensive experience of delivering into Twitch, having bagged a Best Live Webcast 2014 with a similar delivery, and used this experience to help deliver a flawless stream.

Following the stream, the game went on to boast worldwide sales of over 360,000 in its first week.