Multi-language webcasting

Multi-language webcasting increases audience size

Live and Multilanguage Webcasting and Satellite Acqusition by Groovy Gecko, video streaming specialists

One of the Groovy Gecko’s major innovations  has been the development of a consistent and reliable framework for the production of multi-language webcasts.

These can be both live and on-demand, and producing content multi-languages vastly increasing the reach of webcasts with a worldwide audience as well as increasing engagement and generating more interaction with the audience.

For on demand webcasts we offer our meeting-in-a-box service. This includes a live webcast with or without Q&A in a single language with accompanying slides. The broadcast is then translated and converted into subtitled versions for each secondary language. These meetings in a box can be viewed online or produced on disk to be used in venues with no internet connection.

The format is suitable for viewing by a solo user on their laptop as well as being displayed it on a big screen in a large room.

For live webcasts we offer the capability to dub sessions live into different languages with multi-language slides and Q&A moderation. The signal can be acquired via satellite or on site and the only limit on the number of languages we can accommodate is defined by the amount of space available for translators and booth.

A key element of the workflow is the capability to take questions in any supported language. This means audience members who are watching an English language webcast dubbed into Spanish can send in a question in Spanish, or any other supported language. The Spanish question is translated into English and then goes through the normal moderation process before being sent to the panel.

As part of this process we can also build fully multi-language sites which manage the whole user experience process from end to end.

Both types of broadcast add significant value when used with a suitable worldwide audience for a low cost per language.