Satellite Acquisition

Reliable bandwidth can be a inhibitor of webcasting

Live and Multilanguage Webcasting and Satellite Acqusition by Groovy Gecko, video streaming specialists

We work with our partners to offer a range of solutions to ensure we can get your video signal from just about anywhere in the world and encode it seamlessly.

In the simplest set up this means having our engineers on-site with our encoders connected to a stable broadband connection but that is not always possible so we work with a number of alternatives:

Satellite bandwidth: we can use our expertise in IP over satellite to set up a broadband connection on site which is good enough to stream your webcast with full redundancy.

Satellite/Fibre acquisition: When the video signal is already being uplinked to a satellite or transmitted over fibre to BT Tower, we can partner with our sister company Satstream to bring the signal down in our Vauxhall satellite acquisition centre and encode your webcast from there.

Mobile  multiplexing: For webcasting on the move or in difficult environments we can use a backpack which merges together multiple 3G, 4G and wireless  signals and outputs a high quality video stream that can be acquired at the Groovy Gecko hub and encoded for your webcast.