Online Video Hosting

We partner with the world’s largest Content Delivery Networks (CDNs); so your video plays perfectly, anywhere.

Online Video Hosting by Groovy Gecko, web streaming specialists

We provide totally reliable hosting of any type of audio and video content; by any delivery method –live or on-demand; to pretty much any device – web, mobile, tablet, set top box (STB) or connected TV.

So how do we do that and how can we offer 100% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for on-demand content? Our CDN partner’s infrastructures consist of many, many servers located all around the world and so we are able to offer you superb performance wherever your audience is viewing from. Content is delivered from servers closest to the viewer, so you can be confident that you’ll get the very best performance available. Even if there is an outage at a particular data centre or centres your audience will see the on-demand content just from a data centre slightly further away which means your content is available on-demand 24/7.

Flexibility and Return on Investment

By partnering with the biggest CDNs in the world we are able to match your requirements to their strengths. This ensures we can deliver exactly what your audience needs, can support all major streaming formats. We also offer a high quality encoding and transcoding service in-house if you want us to look after the entire encoding process.

We realise that to demonstrate a Return on Investment (ROI) you need to be able to quantify the value of your audience with solid reliable reporting. The Groovy Gecko statistics package, Insight, allows you to track and record every single request that is made for your content, as well as every action that has been carried out by the user on registration based sites. This invaluable information enables you to segment the data to evaluate the value of the investment, and market to your audience in more granular ways.

Each project is unique with different user traffic and different levels of demand so we offer two types of on-demand streaming contracts:

Monthly commitment, fixed term contracts for those who have an ongoing requirement for streaming day in day out.

Period commitment contracts or bit buckets for campaigns where there may be large numbers of viewers over a short period of time or where there are peaks and troughs in user numbers. This option helps you manage your risk more effectively by giving you a set amount of throughput to be used over a set amount of time. For example if over a six month project you start with a small number of viewers which grows rapidly your total throughput can be used at any point during the project so you are not paying for throughput you don’t use at the beginning of the project.

How does a CDN work?

The Content Delivery Networks (or CDNs) are made up of a large number of server farms around the world joined together by ultra-fast connections. When a file is uploaded to a local server for viewing on-demand it is rapidly duplicated across all the CDN’s servers. If you upload a file in London once it is replicated, a user in New York will have it sent to them from a local server in New York.

This means that there are many copies of your content on servers around the world and that ensures 100% availability. For example if servers in London was unavailable then users in London would be served their file from Frankfurt. There may be a negligible drop in performance but the file would still be available.

With a live file, the principle is the same and this means that we are able to offer almost unlimited capacity when streaming live. Each live stream is replicated across all servers so again the user has it delivered to them from their ‘nearest’ server.

This means when you webcast live with us, users don’t get messages saying the live feed is over capacity or fail to connect which ensures each user gets a truly great experience.