Self-Managed Live Presentation System

image of screen

The Live Presentation System enables the delivery of video webcasts to multiple devices with optional interactive elements. It also enables live presentation webcasts, including PowerPoint slide synchronisation with optional moderated Q&A and polls, plus other interactive features.

The self-managed version is designed for clients who already have in house facilities such as a studio or a production team. It enables webcasts to be managed in-house whilst still benefiting from the features included within this platform. It incorporates Groovy Gecko’s social streaming platform, which allows delivery of fully produced live interactive video content into social media posts. The technology, along with a suite of accompanying tools allows clients to deliver live streams, create instant soundbite clips to be shared on social media while the main webcast is still live and create live second screen experiences for television through social media without the need for apps or additional platforms.

The self-managed LPS also gives companies the ability to collect world-class statistics and tracking information from webcasts.

Clients with in-house capabilities

We found that a growing client base had the in-house capabilities, but lacked all the tools to publish high quality, interactive webcasts.

This tool, will mostly be used by large corporations, which means they can benefit from our experience without needing us to manage each webcast for them. The self-managed LPS has already been implemented by one of Groovy Gecko’s existing large clients. Clients for its webcasting services include BP, Facebook, and, Unilever amongst others.