Social Video

Social Video is a growing component of what we do for our clients.

Social Video by Groovy Gecko, online video streaming specialists

We have developed an array of experience in streaming directly into social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube live. The advantage of using such platforms for most brands is that they have already have a built in audience in the form of people who follow, subscribe or like a page.

In our experience this level of engagement leads to longer viewing times and a deeper level of engage. However some of these platforms are not necessarily designed from the ground up to support video.

We are able to offer support in delivery of live streams into YouTube Live. In addition we can offer our unique platform which is able to deliver live streams directly into Tweets and Facebook News Feed posts.

In each case we endeavor to build on the existing platform using our expertise to deliver a  better user experience than would be available on the platform natively. This is why we are now a Facebook Video Publishing Partner and a YouTube recommended webcaster.

Aligned with other complementary tools such as our clipper tool, which can publish on-demand clips from a still live stream onto social platfoms, and our statistics package, which allows us to track user interactions,  we are able to deliver quality user data to prove an ROI.