Facebook Live streaming

Facebook Live streaming is developing at a rapid pace

Social Video by Groovy Gecko, online video streaming specialists

Over the past three years Groovy Gecko has built a solid technology platform to deliver live interactive webcasts into Facebook posts. In that time we helped brands use Facebook webcasting as an effective platform for engaging and interacting with their audiences.

These projects could be as simple as streaming an interactive live event into a Facebook News Feed post to developing a fully interactive experience which allows viewers to participate and engage with the brand.

In April 2016, we were very proud to be announced as one of eight Live Video Solutions Partners by Facebook at F8 in addition to our Media Solutions Video Partnership. Since the announcement we have delivered hundred of Facebook Live streams for clients ranging from the UN to Disney. Regardless of the type of content we find that the level of engagement for Facebook Live streaming is far higher than for traditional webcasts. Viewing times are higher, more questions are asked and all in all activity and interaction with the webcast is increased.

The Facebook tools we have developed based on the Facebook Live API for live interactive streaming we believe are unique.

The uses for Facebook streaming even include using it as a reporting mechanism for real world branded events. Imagine a brand offers its users a unique real world experience. Those participating can login to Facebook at the venue and their progress can be showcased on their timeline. For example there might be a update saying ‘I am just about to do activity X’ then a live stream on their timeline of the actual activity, followed by an on-demand recording of them taking part. This content is visible to all their friends encouraging them to participate and share growing the brand’s visibility.

You can seem some of the capabilities we offer by reviewing our work with Coronation Street, Money SuperMarket, and Coldplay.