Twitter Live Streaming

How do you deliver quality live video into a Tweet?

Social Video by Groovy Gecko, online video streaming specialists

With the emergence of apps such as Meerkat and Periscope there is significant interest among brands and content owners about how they can deliver  quality live interactive video experiences through Twitter.

Of course these kinds of apps have their place in the marketing mix but the main issue clients encounter is that video and audio can only be captured via a mobile phone. This can lead to problems with delivering high quality audio and video and with the reliability of the stream delivery.

We have built a unique technology platform which allows us to delivery high quality robust webcasts directly into tweets. The tech works with professional production equipment allowing us to delivery multi-camera visioned mixed webcasts with graphics. This creates content which is of similar quality to a TV programme than a stream from a phone.

In addition our Question Moderation System (QMS) allows us to capture questions/comments being submitted on a particular hashtag. They can then be edited and moderated before being displayed on an off camera monitor or tablet for the participants in the webcast to comment on.

Additional tools such as the GG Clipper allow us to create on-demand clips from the stream while it is still live and distribute them on social media through native players with a clear call to action at the end.

The existing streaming apps of course still  have their place and are useful to deliver on the fly personal footage or material from ‘behind the scenes’ but we believe for branded content which needs to be both robust and high quality our technology offers the perfect solution.