YouTube Live Streaming

YouTube Live is an easily accessible live streaming platform.

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The site has over 4 billion unique views per day making it a compelling destination for content.

However when putting your brand’s content in front of such a sizable potential audience  it is essential to make sure it is delivered flawlessly and this is where we can help. We have a wealth of experience of webcasting live into YouTube for a wide range of clients but we like to think that our approach is slightly different to others who simply help you get content onto YouTube.

As well as ensuring that your content is delivered onto YouTube in the best possible quality we use the functionality of our Live Presentation System (LPS) to deliver a more refined user experience on third party sites where the player is embedded. Our staging mechanism allows us to manage the  experience on these sites so that users who are viewing know exactly where they are in the video process at any time.  Users looking at the page before the webcast goes live may see a graphic showing when the stream goes live, after the live they will see a sorry we are off-air graphic or even content featuring a call to action. The page will then go into a stage which plays back the video on-demand as and when appropriate.

We believe our approach gives the user a much better experience when it comes to the viewing YouTube Live through third party sites, and allows our clients to directly track conversion through the sites via interactive calls to action.

You can see an example of a recent project here.