Protection And Payment For Content

Groovy Gecko has a wealth of experience in helping our clients protect their valuable content.

We have been certified Microsoft DRM partners for over 12 years.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a collection of technologies that can be used to protect and control access to your online content.

The user requires a license to view the protected content and this license is delivered subject to a condition being met. The condition could be something like a payment being received or a registered email address with a password being provided by the end-user.

You can control who has the permission to access your content and ensure the integrity of your copyright no matter how widely dispersed the content is. Business rules can be added to your content to say whether it has to be paid for, how many times it can be viewed by each user, for how long and so on.


We currently provide options such as

Groovy Gecko Media Protection System.
PlayReady DRM
Adobe Access
In App DRM
URL Hashing
HLS AES 128 bit encryption

DRM is not always necessary as there may be more effective, efficient and cheaper ways to achieve your aim, to find out more get in touch.