What We Do

Research & Development

At Groovy Gecko, innovation is ingrained in the company ethos. We think it is important to stay ahead of the game so that we maintain our place at the forefront of the live streaming industry, and offer our clients cutting edge products. Research and Development is an important facet of what we do as our incurably curious team relish the challenge of exploring applications for new technologies to keep us at the forefront of the industry. In some respects innovation is relatively easy for us, because we work with clients in a diverse range of sectors, so we get to experience ideas, processes and advances that others don’t.

Our ability to take bleeding edge ideas from neighbouring sectors’ technologies or methodologies, to create something totally new for use in live streaming is something we thoroughly enjoy. Some people think that innovation is just about ‘blue-sky’ ideas, but we measure it in in our ability to execute those ideas in a practical, appropriate and meaningful way.

Our Research and Development starts with the clients’ requirement. When they come to us with inventive and original ideas, we always try to make it happen. We work with the client to create a brief and then our encoding engineers, developers and support teams all work together to see if it is feasible from both a budget and technological point of view. If successful, we then move the project from the research phase through to testing and then production. We balance comprehensive research and development of a new technology, for a client, with working to their time frame and meeting their deadlines.

After 20 years, Groovy Gecko are proud to not only be leaders, but also to have remained as pioneers in the streaming field. Looking back, one of our most fulfilling triumphs was to create a live stream experience for the Disabilities Rights Commission that supported an unscripted transcription feature for deaf viewers. This involved building custom hardware and a software interface into a stenography machine and was a global first. Looking forward, we are busy researching the potentially ground-breaking video insights that Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will deliver, so we can build new features into our platforms and develop technologies such as WebRTC.

It’s a great privilege that clients invite Groovy Gecko to help them innovate. Whether they need a workflow enhancement on one of our platforms, or a new interactive feature for social media live streaming, or something more experimental, Groovy Gecko are here to help.

We challenge you to challenge us!