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Elevating Virtual Learning: Groovy Gecko’s Production+ Solution Enhances Barclays’ Microsoft Teams Live Events.


Teaming up with The Smarty Train, Groovy Gecko is spearheading a transformative project for Barclays, delivering over 1000 live sessions as part of their Continued Excellence program. Leveraging our expertise, we’ve rolled out our Production+ solution to elevate Barclays’ virtual learning experience through Microsoft Teams.

While utilising Microsoft Teams as their primary platform, Barclays aimed to elevate their output, creating a more engaging and interactive learning environment for their employees.


We devised a sophisticated solution which enables us to craft a polished program feeds before seamlessly integrating it into Microsoft Teams, enhancing the overall presentation quality.

During each session, viewers are seamlessly transitioned from the main presentation to breakout rooms for interactive discussions. Integrated engagement tools, enable viewers to vote and react to questions posed by presenters, fostering active participation and knowledge retention.

Given the scale of the project, we established dedicated production hubs where two producers per session guide the presenter through the show. These producers are responsible for adhering to scripts, rolling VTs, pushing slides, responding to viewer questions in chat, and managing breakout room transitions – all while maintaining seamless communication with the presenter.

Our tailored solution, dubbed Production+, offers an ideal platform for organizations seeking to elevate their Microsoft Teams experience, providing a seamless blend of sophistication and interactivity for virtual learning environments.


As the landscape of remote collaboration continues to evolve, Groovy Gecko’s Production+ solution allows clients such as Barlclays to innovate and reshape virtual learning

With an increasing number of companies recognising the need to elevate their Teams and Zoom experiences, the development of Production+ underscores our proactive approach to meet the evolving demands of modern education and communication through live video.

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