Boehringer Ingelheim

Groovy Gecko were chosen by Amazon for a campaign with John Dewar & Sons (owned by Bacardi).

We did the production and live streaming for a whisky tasting event that was promoted by Amazon through a limited edition set sold on the retailer’s website in the UK and Germany. The event was featured widely in press and the campaign even took home the 2020 CIPR Award for Best Use of Digital and Social Media


Boehringer Ingelheim and their agency Apothecom needed to deliver a series of interactive live educational webcasts to provide insights into the clinical management of HIV.

What we did.

Using our experience in healthcare webcasting we were able to support both the Apothecom and Boehringer Ingelheim teams by assisting with every aspect of the project from briefing participants to helping develop the creative approach to the content. A microsite was launched a month ahead of the first webcast allowing viewers to register and download a calendar invite as well as test their computer and submit questions in advance.

The content of the webcasts varied. The first two featured two colleagues presenting and discussing clinical case studies with the live audience answering polls and asking questions to influence the content of the webcast. The questions were moderated by the back stage team before being passed to the presenters via an iPad in the studio.

The final webcast featured a multi-disciplinary team of four, each presenting a clinical case which was then discussed by the panel as they would in a review meeting. Viewers could vote on how they would proceed with the patient and also ask questions live. Discussions of the vote and the questions were weaved into the webcast.

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