Critical Hit


In collaboration with Critical Hit, GG has successfully executed a range of projects aimed at major players in the gaming industry. These initiatives, covering various popular titles, have been expertly designed to provide secure and immersive experiences through our Ecko Enterprise platform for private press audiences.


Critical Hit, a leading event management agency, sought to elevate their gaming press events for major gaming publishers to new heights. Their primary objectives were to ensure robust security measures, enhance accessibility for a diverse audience, and maintain a sense of exclusivity while accommodating multi-language support.


Groovy Gecko’s solution revolved around customising our EckoEnterprise platform to meet our client’s exacting requirements. We implemented cutting-edge security features, including a sophisticated digital watermarking tool that assigned unique watermarks to individual users, bolstering content protection.

Moreover, our platform offered seamless multi-language support, with options for both audio and captions in various languages. Each event, tailored for the specific games launches incorporated brand assets and bespoke designs, ensuring a truly immersive and branded experience for attendees.

To foster engagement, we integrated interactive tools such as question submission, live chat, and emoji reactions, allowing participants to actively engage with the content and each other in real-time.


Through our collaboration with Critical Hit, Groovy Gecko has redefined gaming press events, delivering seamless experiences for industry giants. Our tailored solutions, fortified with advanced security measures and comprehensive accessibility options, have set a new benchmark for immersive and engaging gaming events.

Beyond the immediate project scope, Groovy Gecko remains committed to enhancing security and accessibility across all our platforms. These events serve as a testament to our ongoing efforts in this regard, setting the standard for future engagements.

Transform your event into a global spectacle with Groovy Gecko’s advanced live streaming solutions. Contact us to learn how we can bring your vision to life

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