Disabilities Rights Commission

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Groovy Gecko have always tried to use our innovation in technology for a good purpose. Purposes that have the potential to make a real difference in peoples’ everyday lives.

In 2004, before the BBC’s of the world were subtitling live, the Disabilities Rights Commission wanted to create a truly inclusive live stream with the ability to translate audio to sign language using technology so deaf viewers could interact with the stream, so they came to us.


The Disabilities Rights Commission wanted to create a unique webcast that provided live British Sign Language interpretation with subtitles. We were asked to develop and pioneer the first ever integration of traditional stenography technology with live streaming.

What we did.

We wrote an interface from the stenography machines to HTML and then synchronised the resulting subtitles with the delayed stream. The result was a verbatim, real-time speech to text technology which allowed deaf people to be genuinely included in live webcasts for the first time. The work that we did for the DRC is arguably the most important project to date in terms of its ability to affect lives.

the results.

Today we continue to work to ensure that minority groups are can feel included, whether it’s stretching what’s possible with the latest AI, real-time translation, speech to text or develop ways to help colour-blind viewers enjoy a football game.

from the stream.

Any questions?

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