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Groovy Gecko were chosen by YouTube to help them virtualise their normally in-person event, YouTube Black. This event featured a host of inspiring Black influencers such as Naomi Campbell, focusing on helping other Black YouTube content creators.

This was a closed Google Meet stream for Black content creators. As part of YouTube’s sub-brand, YouTube Black, attendees were sent hampers as part of the event. There were then two sessions featuring different hosts and speakers, with different attendee lists.


YouTube wanted to create an interactive event for YouTube influencers, to inspire and encourage them to get the best out of their content. They wanted a private stream inside Google Meet, with the option of break out rooms, or workshops, with thought leaders speaking in small groups about each influencers’ content and strategies.

What we did.

This was the first time we’ve ever streamed into Google Meet, taking different feeds from hosts and guests, to create a seamless online event with branded graphics and hold slates. We set up a closed Google Meet room, with break out rooms for small group workshops during the events. Our team worked remotely to manage the technical side of the streams, producing a mixed feed that allowed us to take questions from the audience and do a panel chat with a few panelists. Questions that were sent in from the audience appeared to the moderator on screen, where they could choose which ones they would answer. After choosing the question to answer, the person who asked the question would appear on screen in a picture in picture. We produced the PiP assets technical delivery, while Google designed the original asset.

This was an exciting event as it’s the first time a Google Meet stream was opened up to questions from the audience, with the ability to add them into a PiP live in real time, with no rehearsal.

the results.

This interactive live stream produced fantastic results, with everyone invited attending the stream, and a 95% retention rate. Over 65 questions were sent in across both streams and over 6 participants joined the stream as a PiP after their question was chosen, with no technical issues.


retention rate


questions sent in

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