Case Study

Money SuperMarket

The Brief

Money Supermarket wanted to create a unique online experience to make its customers ‘feel epic’ in line with its latest advertising campaign.

The Challenge

To give users one to one control of a giant mechanical arm through a Facebook app to enable them to crush cars and ‘feel epic’. The key challenge was to reduce latency on the user’s stream so that it truly felt like they had proper control over the arm with minimal lag.

Our Approach

We worked with Splendid, Money Supermarket’s experiential agency and Kerve who created the Facebook app. Collaborating with Kerve we created two sets of streams, one for general viewing by the waiting audience and another for the controller of the arm.

When someone took control of the arm, they seamlessly switched to the control stream.

Once a user’s session was over, using data passed from the login process, we created and packaged the controller’s five minutes with the arm into a customisable and shareable clip so that their experience could be shared with friends. Each clip was instantly available after the controller had finished using the arm and was customised with Money Supermarket branding to further emphasise the brand connection.

The Results

Amy Childs was the spokesperson for the campaign and this helped the campaign generate a significant amount of PR, including multi-page articles in the Daily Mail and Closer featuring photographs of Amy with the branded electronic arm.

The arm crushing activity was focussed on those about to renew car insurance in the next few weeks and saw a significant number of them take a turn with the crusher.