Case Study

Self-managed live streaming solution for RCP

The Brief

As a long standing client of Groovy Gecko’s, RCP approached us with the brief of setting up a self-managed live streaming solution which incorporated both a backend online video platform as well as a client facing, user friendly microsite.

The Challenge

There were a number of challenges to overcome as this was a wide ranging product delivery with design, training and technical solutions, all needed. It would require a collaborative effort from Groovy Gecko’s developers and engineers to deliver this project that first needed to satisfy RCP’s proof of concept on a 6-month trial basis.  In the long term, it was key to ensure a solution that would be responsive and adaptable as new streaming technology came on the market.

Our Approach

After initial discussion with RCP to flesh out the brief, the first task was to scope and build a high end professional webcasting hardware package which included primary and backup units to offer redundancy. The inclusion of devices such as a vision mixer, meant RCP would be able to deliver polished, professional looking webcasts.

Whilst the engineers completed the kit build, the developers and design team, with input from RCP, worked on the front end microsite which would act as a client facing page to display all live and archived webcasts.

The microsite was designed with the look and feel of the clients existing homepage in mind. As the page would link from the homepage we felt it was important to offer continuity so that the user felt they were still within the RCP environment.

To continue the seamless integration between the microsite and the RCP home page, a single sign on process was implemented which authenticated a user against the RCP members list to ensure they were authorised to view the content. Coupled with this, the pages were built on load balanced servers meaning any high traffic peaks, which live video has a tendency to bring, would be dealt with, without any risk of the site crashing under the pressure.

While developing the front end site, work was also being completed to tie in the backend online video platform. As a partner with Kaltura and following highly successful roll-outs to clients including UK Parliament, BP, Arup and Next, we decided this would also be a perfect fit for RCP.

As well as offering the ability to manage all videos in a common repository, it would also allow RCP the functionality to create playlists, tag content with useful metadata, schedule content as well as use the live functionality within Kaltura to manage their live webcasts. The video platform also provided statistical feedback and was effectively future proofed to any new encoding requirements or devices as these are automatically made available in the platform and associated to all historic content. This means, if there is a new device that hits the market, Kaltura will automatically make all of RCP files available to view on that device.

Once the kit was complete and both the front and backend of the website were built, GG went on site to RCP and offered extensive training to the in house technicians. This included the rigging of the kit right up to delivering a full mock webcast and continues with a full open line of communication to our engineers when assistance is needed. More recently, training has been provided to enable RCP to deliver multi-language events.

Client Testimonials

After looking at various companies the RCP chose to partner with Groovy Gecko on this strategically important project. They were chosen on the basis of the quality of the service they provide and on the amount of expertise and experience they have been able to offer. Not only has the technology they provided been excellent but their whole team have been wonderfully patient and supportive as we have developed the project over the past 9 months. Their willingness to mentor our technical staff has been especially appreciated.

Ben Pain – Technical & Audio-Visual Manager - RCP

We approached Groovy Gecko to develop one of the key elements of our project: a microsite for our video archive. They were supportive and open when scoping this out and the end product was delivered in a very short timeframe and to an excellent standard. The team remained friendly and approachable throughout the project and continue to provide great support as we refine and update the site.

Ella Oancea - Project Manager - RCP

The Product