Strata X Pharmaceutical company

series of webcasts

We were approached by Strata to build a virtual platform for a number of their clients to use. Usually conferences or business events, the platform enables international speakers and presentations at each event.

The pharmaceutical company is an educational establishment as well as an international medical institute, targeting different countries for their events around surgical topics. They wanted to create a specific, bespoke platform to host these events, utlising multi language and subtitles, as well as interactive elements including polls and live Q&A’s with the speakers.


The objective was to create a webinar platform that could deliver live content from a number of businesses within the pharmaceutical company. This would allow a series of events to take place in the same platform, internationally and accessible to their private list of members.

What we did.

We created a bespoke platform for the company which integrated with their CRM system, AMI Worldwide as well as Salesforce. The integrations allowed information to pass through like a single website. This meant that when an event was created in Salesforce (with the registration page linking in AMI to their other systems), this information passed through to our platform so people could log-in seamlessly with their details on the virtual platform. This was a big development job which took about 4-5 weeks. Security was extremely important, so our team provided security documents, internal checks, penetration checks, proof that the platform was hosted on secure servers and ensuring the system architecture was top of the line. We also created bespoke cookie policies and integrated privacy policies and T&C’s into the platform as well.

We built bespoke functionalities for the platform with a layout provided by the company for the homepage, creating buttons and branding that fit seamlessly with their images. The multi-language functionality is a live-specific tool, allowing up to 7 channels to become available with live audio translators provided remotely by Strata, who’s feeds we managed. Live support chat (in the form of pop-ups) were also available on the streams.

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