Case Study

The Muppets: Most Wanted live launch

The Brief

It’s official, we work with a bunch of Muppets! And, no we don’t mean our colleagues; we’re talking about the furry green variety.

Ricky Gervais, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy joined the sofa ahead of the ‘The Muppets Most Wanted’ movie release to talk about the new film and engage with their army of online fans in our latest Facebook live stream.

The Challenge

To deliver a high quality stream in a complex production environment which made fans feel like they had direct access to the Muppets.

Our Approach

Groovy Gecko’s Facebook streaming platform allows live video to be streamed directly into the Facebook Newsfeed. Rather than links which navigate away from the main page, the player plays within a post where the viewer can ask questions, like and share the video stream

By using DVR technology the viewer is able to scrub back in the live show to catch up and with the addition of server side archiving, the live stream is available immediately on demand, post live.