Case Study

Tomb Raider

The brief:

Groovy Gecko, was chosen by Square Enix to help it realise its vision for a live launch. The stream itself was an interactive, almost 60-hour long treasure hunt, streamed directly into several social media platforms.

What we did:

From the set of a Mayan-themed tomb, a series of clues and puzzles needed to be solved in order to work out the location of a replica dagger worth £20,000. Throughout the main live stream, a live feed of the dagger was visible in a small PiP (Picture in Picture) to show the audience exactly what they were looking for. The various clues supplied the viewer with a number of letters which could be brought together to form a three word anagram.

It took approximately 58 hours for a viewer to find the dagger and claim the cash prize while there were also spot prizes throughout. The stream also featured sport prize giveaways, influencers taking over the stream and previous recorded content from the making of the game. The live stream succeeded in successfully launching the Shadow of the Tomb Raider in such a way and at such a scale that many other launch methods could never have achieved.


A total of 1.3 millions viewers watch Square Enix’s live launch, with a combined viewing time of 14 years, 91 days, 4 hours and 28 minutes. After just three days, physical sales of the game made it the second most purchased in the UK at the time