Case Study

TWITCHCON EU: Twitch Rivals

The brief:

Twitchcon EU approached us to put in infrastructure for each gamer to stream live to their own channel plus to our gallery for mixing into the show feed. This comprised a total of 68 different camera feeds with 60 gamer feeds plus eight broadcast camera feeds including jibs, Steadicam and standard camera positions.

What we did:

This required a huge amount of routing including a 240 input router and VM which could use both an SDI and NDI workflow. We also helped create the story behind the event and flesh out the content and running order of the show. This took into account a number of factors including, sponsorship deliverables and stream side ad breaks while making the content as engaging as possible for online viewers. Interactivity was a key part of this with viewers encouraged to choose their favorite player.
The show used a wide variety of techniques to enhance the viewer experience including Groovy Gecko produced VTs including interviews with high profile players, gamers who won from previous years and packages on Berlin and Germany putting the show into context. The in-room experience also had to be very engaging and the room was packed for every session with passionate fans. Live replays of all the action from each session were available in room and online immediately after play ended.


Twitch said the event was a great success and very pleased we managed to make it work within strict budget and short timescales and will look to us again for the 2020 event and partner with us for other events going forward.