Case Study


The brief:

Vodafone had a goal of raising £2,000 by run a small-scale campaign for its #ShineALight charity involving a few established Twitch streamers using their own setups in their bedrooms to create content and play games while encouraging their audience to donate to the charity. This brief evolved into a larger-scale event as we talked through what Vodafone wanted to achieve and the quality of the production.

What we did:

We helped Vodafone expand its vision for the project, ensuring it produced something which was of the quality the audience expected while maximising engagement and donations. The final concept comprised of our production team live streaming 4 hours with the gaming influencers from Vodafone’s Paddington HQ, with various engaging ideas so the group could interact with the audience. This included the influencers taking on various challenges and forfeits from the audience in exchange for donations, which drove tons of engagement from the audience.


The live stream via Twitch generated more than 3.5 times the expected level of donations with over £7,500 donated and helped Vodafone take its first steps in exploring how it could engage gamer audiences using these channels.