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Champion Your Charity 2022.

We’re really excited to be offering one special charity the chance to work with us and win a livestream fundraising event worth up to £7.5k.

Want to see your charity in the spotlight? Keen to reach more audiences in exciting, new ways? We’re here to make that happen, and help shine a light on all the incredible work you’ve been doing. In this competition, you’ll have the opportunity to win a live streamed event with our support to a live audience, where you can interact in real time with people around the world who want to support you and donate to your cause!

A live event can bring exposure and funding to your charity in new, exciting ways whether that’s through a live concert, Q&A’s with your charity founders, live gaming competitions on Twitch to reach younger audiences, or a thought leadership conference to attract a broader audience. We’re here to take your ideas to the next level and help you find creative ways to put your charity in the spotlight and deliver an unforgettable event.

Lights, camera, action!

What’s in it for you?

A fully filmed, directed and produced virtual or hybrid event – hosted and managed from start to finish by the Groovy Gecko team. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, you just need to show up with some brilliant ideas!

We know that a lot of smaller charitable organisations do not have the budget for big digital marketing or social media campaigns – and we want to lend a helping hand.

After all, the not-for-profit nature of your organization leaves little room for extra spending, particularly in a period of economic recovery and high service demand.

Yet, these kinds of activities can propel charities into the limelight and have a significant impact on the success of your campaign. Let us help you take your event to the next level and champion your charity. Full-stream ahead!

How to enter

Write in the form below with information about your charity and what your dream event would be. We want to hear your exciting ideas so we can get excited to help you make it happen! The winner will be announced in July and we will work with the winner for 1 month leading up to the live event in August 2022. We will also support you after the event, with tips and mentoring on how to create similar, small-scale live events in-house to help you fundraise in the future with little to no budget necessary.

The deadline for entries is Thursday 30 June, so make sure you apply by then!


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