Groovy Gecko and Samuel L Jackson Endorse the One For The Boys Campaign

Jun 20, 2013

Our very own Business Development Director Jake Ward stars in the advert for male cancer campaign ‘One For The Boys’. He is the one doing the lip biting in case you were wondering. One of his co-stars is the slightly less known international superstar Samuel L Jackson.

Jokes aside, here at Groovy Gecko we feel very strongly about this campaign. SLJ is the chairman for ‘One For The Boys’, a charity determined to raise the awareness of testing and early diagnosis of male cancers. In his own words: “Our aim is to encourage men to take their health seriously and raise funds to support research into effective treatment.”

Jake in fact feels so strongly he will be doing two 10K races in quick succession next year to raise money for the campaign.

More women get cancer than men, yet more men are dying from it. We all know how stoic men can be when it comes to going to the doctors. Men seldom talk about their ailments, let alone visit a doctor. It will be fine, it will go away by itself, going to the doctors is for wimps… How many times have we heard men saying this? Absolute rubbish. Detecting the early signs of cancer and getting early treatment is the most effective way of defeating this beast. Smear tests and mammograms are now routine screening tests for women across the UK, yet no such screening exists for men. This means that guys, you have to take the matter in your own hands, go to the doctor, and get tested.

The purpose of this campaign is to raise the awareness of male cancers, and at the same time build a new Diagnostic Imaging Centre at The Royal Marsden’s hospital in Chelsea. The Royal Marsden is the world’s first hospital to be entirely dedicated to cancer diagnosis. They do fantastic work when it comes to diagnosing, treating, and beating cancer. The Royal Marsden treats over 50,000 patients each year, investing in ground-breaking research and pioneering the latest treatments and technologies. So get involved with the campaign, check yourself and join Jake, SLJ and everybody at the ‘One For The Boys’ campaign. Together we can laugh in cancer’s face.

If you feel like reaching into your pocket you can donate here.

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