Groovy Gecko releases live syncing tools for musicians and performers.

Jul 21, 2020

Groovy Gecko are now offering two exciting new tech innovations called GG Sync Up and GG Play Together – services that allow musicians and entertainers to perform LIVE together but remotely in real time.

GG Sync Up is a high-end, high quality audio and video solution that would suit professional musicians, record labels and digital agencies. GG Play Together is the perfect solution for an affordable lower audio quality broadcast while still allowing bands to play together in real time from different locations. These solutions both aim to overcome the variable latency that has traditionally prevented musicians from rehearsing and gigging together.


gg sync up.

This is a fully managed service; based on bespoke software and workflows; that we can provide for professional musicians to play together and perform live. The service includes:

  • Remotely controlled high-end laptops and 4k webcams
  • Custom software to send their performance to the GG Hub for real-time processing, real-time feedback and playout. Crucially, the software and workflows control the variable latency per individual connection in real-time enhancing the quality of the performance.
  • A main stage / single stream with Video Gallery View, Picture in Picture and other features.
  • Supply of compatible audio interfaces for all musician equipment or integration with the musicians own instruments and microphones.


    gg play together.

    This service utilises optimised hosted versions of various readily available software for rehearsals and non-professional concerts. This is to enable musicians to capture the ‘serious fun’ or gigging together. The service includes:

    • Hosting of the rehearsal room software on a low-latency connection in the cloud; This could be a green room, rehearsal rooms and a main stage.
    • Links for musicians to download the client-side software and integrate into their existing audio interfaces.
    • A moderated video conference Session which moves talent between green room, rehearsal rooms and the main stage.
    • Eliminating sych issues between audio and video for the stream

      For both services, we sync the audio and video, then send the Live Sessions to any destination site – YouTube, Facebook, your own website, client website, or other sites such as (where performances can be monetised via ticketing of events, subscriptions or donations).

      Craig Moehl, Founder and Managing Director at Groovy Gecko said of the developments: “I have had a lifelong passion for music and pursued that throughout my life including a career at MTV before founding Groovy Gecko 20 years ago. Whilst checking on a friend’s wellbeing during lockdown, they revealed that they were unable to rehearse and gig with their friends and it was having a detrimental effort on the many peoples’ mental health. Playing together not only builds relationships and bonds though a common love for live music, but also fosters a community of support and encouragement during this joyless pandemic. The solutions available were either hardware specific, free but useless, or proprietary, complicated, and expensive but ultimately, they just didn’t provide the consistent low latency experience needed for musicians to play together, even over short geographic distances. Groovy Gecko LABS, our RnD team, therefore enhanced components of our existing technology stack to devised two music-specific services; one for musicians having serious fun and another (high-end) solution for the industry, professional musicians, and digital agencies clients to utilise. Staff at Groovy Gecko who are also musicians were instrumental in contributing to and testing the services.”

      He continues, “The joy expressed by those grateful to be able to play together in lockdown has been very gratifying. In addition, musicians have been afforded the opportunity to play with a calibre of musicians they would never usually have been exposed to. During this lockdown process, musicians have suffered financially. In the process of bringing GG Play Together to market, I also wanted to find a way for musicians to a) establish a community for both their creative abilities and for support during Covid-19 and b) be rewarded financially for their efforts. I am therefore very pleased to pioneer the integration of GG Play Together with for a series of 4 events called The Groovy Gecko Sessions.”

      Groovy Gecko are debuting the GG Play Together tool for a series of sponsored virtual concerts on, called The GG Sessions. These sponsored sessions will see a variety of artists perform a live remote concert with other remote band members and will feature on The Floor for 4 Saturdays, starting from 1 August 2020. The Floor is an online space that fosters a community of like-minded people who appreciate music and want to support artists. With the ability to monetise virtual concert with ticketing, subscriptions or donations, unsigned artists have the opportunity to perform for fans while being supported by the community.

      Groovy Gecko’s Business Development Director Jake Ward comments, “These tools enable us to eliminate the need for artists to be in the same room to play together live. By enabling a band to play together no matter where they are using simply their own internet connection means we can deliver more engaging live streams for online audiences while offering unique interactive collaborations between new and established artists.”