Groovy Gecko Streams J.K. Rowling’s official launch of We Are Lumos Worldwide Live onto Facebook Live

Sep 6, 2017

Groovy Gecko live streams a Q&A with J.K. Rowling from a gala charity ball organised by Lumos.

Lumos is an international charity, founded by the author, J.K. Rowling, which aims to get eight million children out of orphanages and back to family life. The gala ball was organised together with the charity and the producers of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, in order to raise awareness of this important work and much needed funds.

J.K. Rowling took time out ahead of the festivities to engage with Facebook fans on the Lumos Facebook page. Discussing the charity, as well as Harry Potter, viewers were able to submit questions for the author both ahead of and during the Q&A.

Lumos Facebook page

“Lumos is doing some really vital work, helping so many children across the world,” commented Jake Ward, Business Development Director, Groovy Gecko. “We are proud to be helping the charity get its message out to J.K. Rowling fans across the globe.”

J.K Rowling is such a fantastic patron for the charity and has really inspired millions. With such a massive following, this webcast is likely to prove popular and Groovy Gecko are really pleased they were able to deliver this live from the charity event.

JK Rowling Facebook Live - Lumos

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About Lumos

8 million children worldwide are living in institutions because they are poor, disabled or from an ethnic minority. This is a serious problem, on a massive scale, but there is a solution. Lumos works in partnership with governments, professionals and carers, communities, families and children, to transform outdated systems that drive families apart. Together with our partners we replace institutions with community based services that provide children with access to health, education and social care tailored to their individual needs. This supports families to provide the loving care their children need to develop to their full potential and build a positive future for themselves.

Lumos - Facebook - JK Rowling Live

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