Groovy Gecko To Research for a Night

Sep 24, 2010

Groovy Gecko today announced that it will be providing a live webcast of the European Researcher’s Night Globe Show. The initiative, which involves an evening of activities and projects to be held across Europe, is aimed at highlighting the appeal of being a scientific researcher and promoting scientific research amongst young Europeans.

The Globe Show webcast will be broadcast live on 24th September, from 5pm until 1am the following morning, and will take feeds from a number of locations involved in the evening, including CERN’s Globe of Science and Innovation.

“Having recently worked with Groovy Gecko on our Large Hadron Collider webcasts, we are delighted to be working with them again,” commented Thomas Baron, CERN. “Thanks to GroovyGecko, the webcast will reach audiences spread across Europe , the USA and the entire planet, without limitation in the number of parallel viewers.”

Craig Moehl, Managing Director, Groovy Gecko, commented: “CERN is at the forefront of scientific discovery, and at the same time they understand the importance of engaging with both budding scientists and the general public as a whole. We are pleased to once again be working with them and enabling them to do just that.”

This project brings together scientists involved with the latest advancements in particle physics, astrophysics, medicine and research on new forms of energy. Among the highlights of the webcast is the participation of Nobel Laureate Georges Smoot, (Physics 2006), who will relate how research into the infinitesimally small, such as particle physics at the LHC, is intimately connected to cosmology, the science of the infinitely large.

For more information and to follow the live webcast:

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