Holy cow! Our Kenya donation this Christmas

Dec 16, 2020

As part of the Groovy Gecko 4 Good initiative, we have been providing ongoing support to Enkikwe, a small rural village in the Maasai Mara in Africa.

2020 has been a difficult year for most people, including the people living in Enkikwe. Their local market in Nairobi has been closed due to Covid-19, meaning the buyers can’t get to Enkikwe. And because there are no tourists, the Maasai region is really struggling as tourism is one of their main sources of income.

To help Enkikwe, we decided to buy 3 cows from them! The names of the cows are: Mongo, Ntotua and Nanyokie. We’ve also donated some money for the village to buy food for Christmas.

Our founder, Craig, who was born in South Africa, is very passionate about this initiative and is always thinking up new ways to help the village. After visiting this village with David, a local tour guide, Craig realised there was so much that could be done on a small scale that would have a huge impact on hundreds of people. So Groovy Gecko provides electricity, clothing and other materials to Enkikwe and we’re raising money to build facilities so the locals have access to fresh water and toilets. In the summer, they currently have to walk for over 50 miles to the nearest well and carry back what they can for their families.

We’ve been supporting this community for over 3 years and are always innovating within our teams to come up with new ideas on how we can do more for them. If you’re interesting in helping us build water systems and facilities in Enkikwe (our current project) or helping them in other ways, please contact gg4good@groovygecko.com.

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