How to plan a virtual event or hybrid event

Sep 6, 2022

Are you planning a virtual event and don’t know where to begin? Or do you want to impress your audience with a hybrid event, merging the physical and online worlds to live stream to social media or an online event platform?

Our Virtual Event Guide will show you how to plan a virtual event, including event ideas, virtual event content, gamification in online events, sponsorship, budgeting and event timelines. Download the PDF using the link below!


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02. Event Ideas.



03. Content.

Festival line-up ideas 
Booking talent

04. Gamification.



05. Sponsorship.

Why do you need sponsors?
Pitching tips & key points
Example sponsor packages


06. Budgeting.

Potential costs
Remote production packs
Why not stream to social media?

07. Budgeting.

18 months before the event
12 months before the event
4 months before the event
8 weeks before the event

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