Live 360 Football Puts Fans in Control

Aug 18, 2016

It is always exciting getting involved with cutting edge streaming projects. So, when we were asked to stream a live 360 pre-season friendly between Huddersfield and Liverpool FC, we were of course quick to oblige. The match was streamed live into the Liverpool FC YouTube channel ( What is really exciting about 360 is you can get a real sense of being there and fans were able to control their view using their mouse, finger or head (depending on device) to move the video around.

This initial stream was a trial to see how this technology could work in the football world. With more than 92,000 views, it was a definite hit for a lot of fans and I think it is something we will see more of in the future.

When you are watching a football match, it can be extremely frustrating that you can’t see what is happening on the edges of the screen. Using 360 technology you suddenly can, and as technology improves, the immersion will get even better for fans. Of course, it isn’t just football, any sport where the action is not necessarily limited to the centre of the screen would benefit from 360 streams such as this. The way in which live sports are viewed is set to get better and better!

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