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live shopping?

Live shopping is relatively new to the UK markets, but have been in use for years around the world, particularly in Asia. Brands implement a shoppable element to their live events, or create live events especially for shoppable elements, to entice viewers to purchase in real time and enhance engagement with a brand during an event.

Various platforms have varying shoppable offerings, with an updated list below for every platform that has existing live shopping elements that your brand can use. For example, we worked with PLT to create…

brand website integration

There are a wide range of new platforms available for integration on existing ecommerce sites. The biggest issue is attracting a significant audience to any site based live. Brands with a significant daily userbase on site are more likely to use such solutions as they have a suitable ambient audience. Some platforms have aggregation apps which bring the lives from different brands together on one platform. This has the advantage of attracting potential new purchasers but may cause clashes with other brands.

What can we help with?

Thinking of bringing live shopping into your marketing mix? Groovy Gecko offer a variety of services for brands to help them to define, pilot and create their shoppable live experiences. These services include:


Consulting: We can help brands define the opportunities for them within Shoppable Live arena and develop a long-term strategy to develop their content and expertise.

That includes building long term strategies for brands to develop their own production resources and content plans.

Content development: Working from an initial brief or creating content from scratch our experience allows us to craft compelling and engaging content that can help drive sales. We are great believers in piloting and iterating based on a data lead approach.

Production: We can help create, script. produce and shoot all of the shoppable video content for our client while our in house engineering and developing team can customise experiences to the brand’s needs.

Stream delivery and product synchronisation: We can ensure the delivery of high-quality streams to the various platforms while mitigating risk making the entire shoppable experience runs smoothly




Content Development




Stream delivery and product synchronisation


Bacardi Live Whisky Tasting

Amazon case study ⟶

Tomb Raider video game launch


Twitch case study ⟶

pink friday sale


Pretty Little Thing case study ⟶

Industry platforms

Live Shoppable available in US only. No timesclae for European launch.

Live Shoppable available through linkback to products. Basic integration compared to other platforms.

Live Shoppable unit available. Integrates with brand’s existing e-commerce.

Live Shoppable piloted in US. No timescale for European launch.

Live Shoppable piloted in US. No timesclae for European launch.

Live Shoppable available in Europe omtegration with TikTok backend required.

Live Shoppable integration with product page or campaign page.

Multiple third party services for client websites offer similar functionality; some also offer aggregation apps.

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