Live Streaming Car Park Poker for Virgin Games

Oct 11, 2017

Groovy Gecko thoroughly enjoyed working on a recent project with Virgin Games in the UK. On the 28th September at 12.30pm we live streamed a giant game of poker on Virgin Games’ Facebook page.

Groovy Gecko managed the event production, as well as streaming the interactive video directly to Facebook and moderating the audience questions. This was a very unique live stream, which made it all the more exciting and rewarding to work on.

The story behind the game was that it was set up by a vampire car park attendant named Vlad, who was bored with his eternal life and looking for amusement! Giant playing cards were set up in a poker format in parking spaces with cars covering and revealing them to produce an ever-changing poker hand. Facebook users (aged over 18) got to play by calling out the highest hand in the stream’s comment section for a chance to win £5000.

The live stream was extremely successful, with 127,931 views and 13,217 comments at the time of writing, reflecting the popularity of interactive audience experiences. As we know here at Groovy Gecko, live video tends to encourage much more meaningful engagement from viewers, such as comments rather than passing ‘likes’ and interactive live video offers a real-time experience to viewers, who see the result of their actions happening on screen almost immediately.

You can still watch the full stream here.