Live Streaming Podcast with Jake Ward

Sep 4, 2017

Last month our Business Development Director, Jake Ward, spoke with Scott Ledbury, Founder of Slinky Productions, for the company’s Backlight Podcast Series regarding live video streaming and its pros and cons.

The series offers listeners one-to-one access to industry experts in a variety of fields including media, marketing and video production. It’s free and is perfect for anyone with an interest in the exciting world of video.

Live video streaming in its various forms is becoming one of the most effective ways for brands, individuals, charities and many more to communicate with audiences and create interactive experiences.

In the podcast, Jake gives Scott an overview of the most effective uses of live video, listing supplements to TV programs and product announcements as some of the most successful. Groovy Gecko has been involved with many of these, for example Coronation Street Live (at the time the highest ever non-boosted Facebook Live stream in Europe).

Of course, professional live streaming is not easy and there are many factors to consider when setting up at a location. Jake mentions internet connectivity and copyright infringement as potential problems. Who knew that even a passing car’s radio could shut down a Facebook stream in seconds?

Jake also discusses a whole new set of issues presented by live 360° video. Fortunately, improvements to the technology are enabling far more sophisticated uses of the format and many groups, including our clients, are considering how they could get on board with 360° and utilise the medium. Scott and Jake go on to look at the difference between streaming generic live videos and those in 360° during the podcast.

Groovy Gecko is pushing the boundaries of live streaming. With augmented reality and VR technology coming on in leaps and bounds, we’re excited about the future of live video. Polling, Q&As and interactivity within live streams are all ways of growing audiences, something our Research and Development team is continuously working on.

To find out more and to listen to the full Backlight podcast, go here.

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