esports live streaming

Our approach to esports allows clients to produce high quality streams while eliminating risk


Groovy Gecko has a rich history of delivering live gaming, game launches and esports events for the likes of Twitch, McLaren, Forza, Sea of Thieves, PUBG, Tomb Raider and ‘Inside XBOX’ sessions.

We can offer the technical delivery and creative input for live streaming, video production, event management, league ops as well as expertise on both the console hardware and game setup including bringing them into our production workflow.

Our modular approach means that clients can take advantage of our flexibility and choose whichever subset of these services they require. We have a great deal of experience working alongside agencies, publishers, tournament ops and production companies so can work in an agile manner and fit where needed in the workflow or provide a full end to end package.

Our creative team can offer advice on the best use of tournament graphics, sponsorship deliverables, platform engagement tools and how to create a show which is engaging for both the in room and online audience.

As part of our offering we have created a scalable and robust solution which can deliver everything from small gaming events featuring a handful of players to a multi-day live events with sixty competitors playing simultaneously.

Our technology and production workflows are highly adaptable, so a single scalable solution doesn’t restrict your creative freedom. This extensibility means our solutions is equally effective in small scale competitions with simple game commentary as well as for more complex presenter led multi-site and multi-day events.

In addition, our syndication tools enable us to stream to multiple platforms including pages on Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram allowing the live stream to appear on competitors’, influencers’, brands’ and sponsors’ pages simultaneously. The tool is almost infinitely scalable and has delivered live streams to over 160 channels in multiple languages simultaneously.

As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering the very best content using the most suitable cutting-edge technology, our R&D team constantly evaluate innovative approaches and determine best practices with new technology. We are renowned for bringing technologies from the larger ecosystem to solve complex problems in esports. This means the team are able to advise from an informed technical standpoint on a range of issues e.g. whether using NDI versus SDI is the right approach for your event.

We also share deep and integrated relationships with the likes of Facebook, Twitch and YouTube meaning we are fully across any new platform extensions, which may add value to live activations.

As a partner this deep understanding of the environment and the technology around it allows us to offer unparalleled service while integrating seamlessly with existing processes and services.