esports live streaming

Produce high quality streams while eliminating risk

We have delivered high quality live esports, gaming and charity gaming events for brands including Twitch, Vodafone, McLaren, Square Enix and Microsoft. We share deep and integrated relationships with many of our clients, particularly social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitch and YouTube. This means we can stream seamlessly across any new platform extensions, creating the best viewer experience possible.


What we can do

We’re creative technologists at our core, offering the most cutting edge and reliable tech as well as any creative input you need, from live streaming and video production to event management and league ops. Our team can offer advice on the best use of tournament graphics, sponsorship deliverables, platform engagement tools and how you can make the most of your event to maximise engagement with both your in-room and online audience.


Our Approach

Our approach is modular and flexible, meaning you can pick and choose whichever services you need. We’ve worked on various projects of different sizes and have experience working alongside agencies, publishers, tournament ops and production companies. We can fit into your existing production workflow whether you need just the tech for your live stream or a full end-to-end package.



Because of our ability to scale, we can deliver everything from small gaming events featuring a handful of players to multi-day live events with hundreds of competitors playing simultaneously. Our technology and production workflows are also highly adaptable, from SDI to NDI, the team is consistently improving our workflows to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.