Corporate Webcasting

A system to securely manage all your corporate webcasting needs

Our custom built Live Presentation System (LPS) is an online platform created for large companies to communicate globally. The system allows them to create live streams, videos, synchronised slides and other content for their staff or clients privately and securely. Polls, moderated audience questions and feedback forms can be added to the live streams to increase engagement.

We have carefully honed this product over 13 years through detailed research and development, and it is now used by some of the biggest companies in the world. We truly appreciate the importance of our clients’ reputations, so our processes are based on mitigating risk and ensuring our technical solutions are rock solid.

The product is robust, scalable and highly customisable, so it can be designed in-line with the rest of the companies’ branding and corporate identity. The LPS can be created on a microsite, or embedded into an existing website and we use our custom built encoders to run the LPS system

The LPS is run and managed by Groovy Gecko, and we provide full time support from our team in conjunction with this product.

We realise that to demonstrate a Return on Investment (ROI) you need to be able to quantify the value of your audience. Therefore the LPS statistics package allows you to track and record every request that is made for your content, as well as every action that has been carried out by the user on the registration based sites. This data is also integral in helping you better understand your audience and what content engages them.

We partner with the world’s largest Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) so your LPS videos play perfectly anytime and anywhere you want. CDNs are made up of a large number of server farms around the world joined together by ultra-fast connections. When a file is uploaded to a local server for viewing it is rapidly duplicated across all the CDN’s servers e.g. a file uploaded in London will be quickly replicated and then a user in New York can access it via a local server. So even if there is an outage at the data centre closest to your audience, they will still be able to view the content, because it will be streamed from the next closest server location.

Live Presentation System

Self-Managed Live Presentation System

The Self-Managed Live Presentation System is the same product as the LPS, but it is designed to be run in-house by clients that have the team, tech equipment and facilities to do so. After the initial product design and handover, Groovy Gecko is only involved with providing software updates, general support and to bolster in-house teams for very high profile or complex events.

The Self-Managed LPS benefits from all the power and features of the LPS platform while offering a simple web-based interface to help internal teams easily deliver webcasts to their audiences. Self-Managed LPS clients benefit from security updates and new functionality as part of their monthly subscription to the platform and the product is fully customisable.

Multi-Language Webcasting

One of our major innovations has been the development of multi-language webcasting for the LPS. Producing content in multiple languages vastly increases the global reach of webcasts and increases engagement. Our software allows you to make the whole LPS site and user experience multi-language.

For live webcasts we can dub sessions live into different languages with multi-language slides and Q&A moderation. The only limit on the number of languages we can accommodate is defined by the amount of space available for interpreters and translation booths.

A key element of the product is the capability to take and moderate questions in any supported language e.g. Spanish audience members who are watching an English language webcast dubbed into Spanish can send in a question in Spanish. The Spanish question is translated into English and then goes through the normal moderation process before being sent to the panel.

We also provide on-demand multi-language webcasts by translating and converting a live stream into subtitled versions for each secondary language. The final stream can then be viewed online or via soft copies in venues with no internet.

Multi Language Webcast

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