Online Video Platform

Host your own videos online with our bespoke platform

Our clients often come to us with a problem. They need to deliver a lot of their video content in a world where the devices they are targeting are numerous and constantly changing.

Our solution is the Online Video Platform (OVP). At its most basic level, the OVP acts as a common repository for all video and audio content which can be organized into categories, channels and playlists and tagged with sophisticated metadata. The OVP automatically transcodes master files into every format you require from PC to tablet and mobile to set top box, which saves you a significant amount of time.

The OVP allows our clients to create bespoke video players which match their company branding, offering a truly customized product. All our OVP systems provide statistics for our clients on viewing numbers and statistics.

The OVP allows you to manage, approve and publish content while controlling things like when it expires, limiting its viewership on a country by country basis or even by IP. The sharing functionality within the player also allows you to easily share approved content via other websites and through social media. Videos can also be tagged with free text which can be used for Video Search Engine Optimisation (VSEO).

API’s and additional modules allow integration with a wide variety of existing Content Management Systems. Additional modules also allow for Facebook and YouTube integration, SharePoint and Moodle functionality, and the capability to set up an in-house corporate YouTube so that employees can share their own content.

We work with other software partners to supply the ‘back end’ of our OVP platforms. We are very selective, and only work with the best and most well established OVP providers. We use these suppliers for the base of our OVPs, to which we then add customisable and branded elements, in a bespoke solution for each client. This means the clients are always using the most suitable base OVP with Groovy Gecko delivering the bespoke customisation they need.

Groovy Gecko can make your OVP as simple or complex as you need. For example, we created an OVP for the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) that they could run by themselves on a day-to-day basis. For the RCP, we integrated a front end platform into their existing main website, introduced paywall mechanisms and the ability to live stream. We also provided an automated captioning service which offers closed captions in multiple languages, something that is highly beneficial considering a Facebook report which suggested 85% of video content is watched with the sound off.

Online Video Platform