Social Streaming

We are a Facebook Live Partner, and a YouTube Live 360 Partner.

One of our most popular services is live streaming onto client social media pages on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Mixer, Twitch and YouTube. The advantage of using such platforms for a brand is that they already have an audience in the form of people who ‘follow’, subscribe or ‘like’ their page. We have live streamed film premieres, product launches, celebrity interviews, charity content, fashion shows and much more.

We have built relationships and a network of studios and crews around the world, so that we can provide our services wherever your live stream may be. We can even film your live stream in 360 degrees, which means the audience can click on the video player or wear a VR headset to see all the way around the location, creating a feeling of being truly immersed in the event.

In the simplest live stream set up, we have our engineers on-site with encoders connected to a stable broadband connection. However, many of the weird and wonderful locations we stream from do not have good broadband connections and so we use a wide range of technologies to get your video signal from just about anywhere in the world and encode it seamlessly.

Groovy Gecko also offer some amazing add-on features to make your live streams even more engaging and immersive:

Clipper: The Groovy Gecko Clipper is a tool which we built to allow our clients to take short clips while their live stream is running and then instantly post them to multiple social media channels. This allows our clients to post about their streams while they are ‘hot’ and to use ‘call to action’ features on the other social media platforms to drive new viewers to the main live stream, to like the page or engage in other ways. The Clipper has the ability to receive multiple incoming live feeds and can also be used to edit content, add pre-roll graphics and to add music to the clips before publishing.

Polling: On Facebook Live, we have created software that can take audience polls. A question appears on screen, within the live stream, and the audience vote for an answer by selecting the associated ‘reaction’ button. The votes are then collated and the results are presented to the audience as an on-screen graphic in real time. Polling can be used in a number of ways, including changing the live content based on viewer votes, running competitions, and to give feedback.

Question Moderation System (QMS): We can offer full moderation of comments and ‘tweets’ so that the viewing audience can ask the live stream participants questions in a Q&A style format. All comments and tweets are extracted from the relevant platform and put into our QMS where they are sorted and anything offensive can be removed. The questions are then sent to a device, such as an iPad, so they can be viewed by the participants.

Reflector: The Groovy Gecko Reflector allows us to create a single stream for a live broadcast and then distribute that stream to multiple platforms. The cloud based technology allows us to deliver streams into multiple Facebook pages, tweets, YouTube channels, client website pages and pages on other channels such as Twitch, VK and Mixer. The beauty of the Reflector is that it doesn’t use any more on-site bandwidth than streaming to a single page.

Social Streaming

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