Regent Street Cinema partners with Groovy Gecko

Nov 13, 2020

Groovy Gecko are the official live streaming partner of Regent Street Cinema, with events planned for 2021. 

Combining our flexible and interactive tools with the historic venue of Regent Street Cinema, offers the perfect solution for hybrid corporate and social events to be live streamed.


about regent street cinema.

Regent Street Cinema is a unique, historical venue, just a two-minute walk north of Oxford Circus tube station. Exclusive use of the venue includes access to the luxurious 187-seat auditorium, bar and spacious foyer. The cinema can be used to host various events including film screenings, premieres, Q&A’s, conferences, awards ceremonies, film shoots and press conferences. Their technical capabilities include use of 35mm and 4k digital projectors, sound reinforcement, lecterns and on-stage microphones. Their on-site event team and projectionists are on hand to create a seamless experience for your talent and hosts.


live streaming from the cinema.

Our new partnership allows us to deliver quality livestreams from a unique and historic venue in the heart of London. Regent Street Cinema is a unique venue space for VIP guests in a luxurious art deco auditorium while high quality production is used to deliver a compelling cinema experience on a global stage. We bring this all together across multiple social media platforms to deliver a large audience for your event based at the Regent Street Cinema. We can also stream corporate or private events using software that requires a password, account, or ticketing system to view the stream, perfect for a variety of events. Combining a beautiful venue with interactive tools allows us to deliver a compelling live stream to your key audiences. Working with over a quarter of the FTSE 100 and being ISO:27001 registered means we can deliver highly secure communications while integrating with existing client systems such as your current CRM, SSO and Marketing applications.

Groovy Gecko’s Business Development Director Jake Ward comments, “This exciting new partnership will allow brands and organisations to continue their live events through hybrid physical and virtual events in a beautiful, historic venue while adhering to government rules and safe social distancing. We look forward to the new year when Regent Street Cinema will open its doors and we can work with them to create seamless and valuable interactive experiences for audiences around the world.”