Remote Setup Guide For Recording

Aug 2, 2022

Virtual meetings, presentations, Q&A’s and events are now more common than ever, and so is the importance of having a professional looking space! We’ve put together our top tips on how to make sure your remote setup looks perfect for recording.

This guide will show you how to set up your space professionally when you’re live streaming from a remote setup. Perfect for presenters joining a virtual Q&A, a recording for an event or an even just to get your area ready for virtual meetings. Download the full PDF for extra tips and information!


Make sure your internet is running as fast as possible by:

  • Remove or switch off any non-essential devices from your home network, leaving more bandwidth for your virtual conference PC.
  • Always use wired internet if you’ve got the opportunity.
  • If wireless is your only option, you need make sure the router isn’t hidden in a cupboard, surrounded by unnecessary items, and you’re not several floors away from it.



    Professionalism with your computer and other devices:

      • Turn off any unnecessary computer (and mobile) alerts.
      • Make sure your phone is on silent or turned off.
      • Charge your laptop before the event and leave it plugged in.


    How to maximise your audio:

      • Avoid unnecessary ambient noise.
      • Close open windows.
      • Turn off home appliances.
      • Have the room to yourself and close the door.



    How to maximise your environment for the best aesthetic:

    • Avoid anything that will distract the viewer.
    • Avoid wearing jangly jewellery, and watch out for hair catching on the mic.
    • Beware of silk, satins and other shiny fabrics, they reflect light and shimmer.
    • Shirts with tight repetitive patterns are not ideal. The camera has a hard time picking this out.



    How to get the best lighting for your recording:

    • Your laptop screen will be a source of light.
    • Find a few different lamps around your home to use in your room.
    • Find a good background (is the background suitable to show people?).
    • Find a good halfway point between not having your frame too busy and distracting but also not too empty.
    • Move a few house plants or furniture into frame to assist this.



    • May feel more natural.
    • Be creative with your workspace.
    • Place your laptop, external mouse / keyboard to the height you need.
    • Always try to use an external mouse in this situation, as the use of the trackpad isn’t easy / doesn’t looks good.
    • Don’t walk out of frame.


    • If using your in-built mic, don’t use the laptop’s keyboard; the clicking sound will be 10x louder for your audience.
    • Prop your laptop up on books to bring the webcam into your eyeline.
    • Try different scenarios before the event and see what works for you.




    • Always make sure your webcam is clean before you start. Use a microfibre cloth or another non-abrasive cloth.
    • Test your microphone before the event. Use the Voice Memo app (MacOS) or Voice recorder (Windows 10) to test the quality of your mic. Wired is the best option, then wireless, and if you don’t have anything else, use the built-in mic on your laptop.

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