SatStream and Groovy Gecko to Stream World’s First Intercontinental Crossing by Jet Wing

Nov 25, 2009

SatStream and Groovy Gecko are partnering to stream this global event on Wednesday 25th November, which marks the launch of the mobile phone service.

The crossing, which will be made by Jet-powered wing from Morocco to Spain, across the North Atlantic Ocean, will be captured by a fleet of helicopters and aircraft. The satellite feed will then be transmitted to SatStream’s broadcast facility in London. From there, 6 language commentary will be added and then it will be streamed live to the Internet and available free across the globe.

Craig Moehl, MD at Groovy Gecko said “The Intercontinental Challenge is a first on so many levels. No one has ever crossed continents by jet-wing before. It is also a first on a number of technical levels. We are used to collaborating with our Digital Agency clients on such ground-breaking events, but to consult directly for a client on such a first illustrates how forward-thinking are in their approach to everything that they do.”

Groovy Gecko will work with SatStream, the London-based broadcast standards facility designed specifically for satellite signal acquisition, to produce the event which will go out to broadcasters and internet news sites. Launch is Wed 25th at 13:30 London Time.

Full Challenge information, Media Resources, and details of the worldwide webcast can be seen on the Intercontinental Challenge website at

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