Corporate Webcasting.

A system to securely manage all your corporate webcasting needs. We created an online platform for large corporations to communicate globally. Carefully refined over the past 15 years by our research and development experts, our corporate virtual event software, EckoEnterprise, allows companies to create live streams, videos, synchronised slides and other content securely for employees or clients.

Increase your audience engagement through our interactive tools including polls, moderated audience questions and feedback forms. We truly appreciate the importance of our clients’ reputations, so our processes are built on mitigating risk and ensuring our technical solutions are rock solid. The platform is robust, scalable and highly customisable, and is used by some of the largest companies in the world.

Our platform is completely customised to your company’s branding and corporate identity, so your video page can just look like another page on your website. Our LPS can be created on a microsite or embedded into an existing website and we use our custom-built encoders to run the system. With our team of experts always on hand to provide full support for your team, you’ll never have to deal with another ticketing system or chat bot!

We understand the importance of quantifying the value of your audience, so with our in-depth smart statistics, you can demonstrate the ROI of going live. With our statistics package, you can track and record every request that’s made for your content, as well as every action that has been carried out by the user on the registration-based sites. Our analytic tools help you understand what action drove the most engagement from your audience before, during and after the live stream, and use feedback forms to influence your next webcast.

We partner with the world’s largest Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) so your LPS videos play perfectly anytime and anywhere you want. CDNs are made up of a large number of server farms around the world joined together by ultra-fast connections. When a file is uploaded to a local server for viewing,  it is rapidly duplicated across all the CDN’s servers (a file uploaded in London will be quickly replicated and then a user in New York can access it via a local server). So even if there is an outage at the data centre closest to your audience, they will still be able to see the live stream in perfect quality, because it will be streamed from the next closest server location.

Thinking about live streaming your next corporate event? Let’s talk.






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00:00:00:00 – 00:00:27:07

How will your Echo event work? First, you will distribute a URL to allow either registration or log in to the platform. Registration allows you to collect user data. These fields are fully customizable and can be as simple or complex as you need. Once registered, the user is taken to a home page. Here you can get information about the event.

00:00:27:09 – 00:00:48:00

A calendar invite, give the users a chance to pre-submit questions, check their browser connection and view other content ahead of the event. Just before the live event starts, this home page moves into the live phase. We roll over automatically for the users

00:00:48:00 – 00:00:51:04

And they will now have access to the player to view the event. 00:00:51:21 – 00:01:00:08 They will be able to see slides, change, ask questions and join in on the post.

00:01:00:10 – 00:01:32:00

Once the event has finished, we can pop up a survey for them to fill in before the page moves into the post live state, while we prepare the on-demand for those that missed part or all of the live. Once the content has been clippedd and client approved, we then move the site into the on demand state. The users can view at their leisure, skip forward and back using the handy chapter points and even continue to give feedback.

Additional Services.

Groovy Gecko can offer both full end to end corporate video production or fill in the missing piece of the production jigsaw. From single camera shoots to multi camera broadcasts, we can supply specialist camera equipment, vision mixing, sound and multi skilled operators for both portable and truck-based solutions.

Personalised Agendas

Users can schedule their own agenda based on what live sessions interest them, with an option to choose time zones to make the user experience as easy as possible. Attendees even have a “save for later” option where they can tag on-demand content they don’t want to miss!

GG Live Chat

This is a real time, video conversation tool which can connect multiple locations together. Whether you have a worldwide cinema link up ahead of a film premiere or more Intimate fire side chat with a director, GG Live Chat offers the opportunity to connect your talent and audiences and bring them together for a live event.

Multi-language Features

Producing content in multiple languages vastly increases the global reach of your webcast as well as engagement. Our software allows you to create a multi-lingual user experience. We can dub sessions live into different languages, provide multi-language slides and subtitles depending on what region they’re in, as well as accept, translate and moderate questions in any language. The number of languages we can accommodate is limited only by the amount of space available for interpreters and translation booths.

In-Room Interactive App

Accessed by your in-room audience via QR code or URL, this app works on any popular mobile handset or tablet via browser so there is no need to download a separate app. It allows audience members to send in questions, take part in polls and upvote selected questions. It also allows people to submit questions anonymously which can improve engagement. Results and responses are combined with the online audience and moderated in the same way.

GG Shuttle

The GG shuttle Is a compact and portable production unit designed to offer the ultimate flexibility for live broadcasts. The shuttle Includes encoders, vision mixing, audio solutions and camera equipment and was designed to allow users not to be confined to streaming from one location.

Groovy Gecko's Process:


We'll begin by talking to you about your goals, budget, and timeline. We'll also listen to your ideas and provide suggestions based on our experience.


Our team will work with you to plan the event in detail, including the format, timeline, and content. We'll also identify the best shoppable platform to use, based on your needs and budget.


We'll help you prepare all the materials you'll need for the event, including presentations, videos, and other media. We'll also test all the equipment and connections to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.

Live Production

During your live shopping event, we'll manage the technical aspects, including audio and video quality, streaming, and interaction with attendees. Our team will be on hand to deal with any potential technical issues.


After the event, we'll provide you with detailed analytics, including attendance figures, engagement rates, and other metrics. We'll also work with you to create a content library of the event, which can be shared with your team and used for marketing purposes.

    virtual event platform.

    Our virtual event platform, EckoEnterprise, benefits from all the power and features you need to create a powerful, high-impact virtual or hybrid event experience. Harness the power of online reach with a custom branded, interactive live stream event. From corporate AGMs to music festivals to international conferences, we can create an experience your attendees will never forget.

    EckoEnterprise projects.

    Barclays x Teams Production+
    The ‘Fantastique World’ Hybrid Gaming Showcase
    Belmond On Air
    Royal College of Physicians: Medicine
    Novo Nordisk: My Company Meetings
    Ofcom live event
    Selfridges X Groovy Gecko Collab
    INTEL X Dr Lupo in the Escape
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