Customised Large-Scale Virtual Event Streaming


Need to deliver a large event flawlessly? Groovy Gecko is here to help. Our Large Event Delivery service using our EckoEnterprise platform ensures your event runs smoothly and successfully, creating memorable experiences for all participants.


Our Large Event Delivery service encompasses:

A Fully Customised Experience: Our experienced team works with you from planning to execution, ensuring every detail is taken care of.

Advanced Tech: We leverage our bespoke live streaming platform, EckoEnterprise, to deliver high-quality, engaging live streams. This can comprise multiple simultaneous live streams including different subject tracks and a mixture of sessions including workshops, plenaries, and breakout sessions.  

Bespoke Structure & Design: As no large event is the same, our EckoEnterprise platform can accommodate bespoke navigation and page structure allows us to create a microsite for the event. Delivering a virtual event with all the features of your real world event.

Seamless Integration: Our service seamlessly integrates with various platforms from CVent and Eventbrite to Salesforce and Teams, ensuring your event reaches a broad audience leveraging data you already have on your chosen platform.

Accessibility: With our Accessibility by Groovy Gecko functionality, we ensure all attendees can engage with your event through accessible pages and signing, audio description and live subtitling in multiple languages. fostering an inclusive environment.

Interactivity: Using our REALM tool set you can offer a wide range of interactive features to your audience including polling, emojis, moderated questions, question upvoting, chat and note taking.



Trusting Groovy Gecko with your large event not only results in a flawlessly executed virtual or hybrid event that wows attendees but also delivers data that can give a deep insight into your audience’s opinions and needs. Using this data with you audience can help deepen relationships and allows for more responsive feedback and follow up.

why choose groovy gecko.

With years of experience and a passion for delivering exceptional virtual events, Groovy Gecko brings together expertise, technology, and creativity to ensure your large event is a resounding success. Our Large Event Delivery service is backed by our bespoke technology and a dedicated team committed to your event’s success.

Ready to make your large event a remarkable experience? Contact Groovy Gecko today and let’s create an event your attendees will remember.

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    Internal communications event for Selfridges, live streamed by  Groovy Gecko