Esports & Gaming.

Groovy Gecko has strong relationships with all of our clients, particularly with social media platforms including Facebook, Twitch and YouTube. This means we can stream across any new platform extensions with the ability to integrate our interactive tools seamlessly, creating the best viewer experience possible.

We produce high-quality streams while eliminating risk, and have delivered complex and interactive live eSports, gaming and charity gaming events for brands including Twitch, Vodafone, McLaren and Square Enix. We’re creative technologists at our core, offering the most cutting edge and reliable tech as well as any creative input you need, from live streaming and video production to event management and league ops. Our team can offer advice on the best use of tournament graphics, sponsorship deliverables, platform engagement tools and how you can make the most of your event to maximise engagement with both your in-room and online audience.

Our approach is modular and flexible, meaning you can pick and choose whichever services you need. We’ve worked on a range of projects of different sizes and have experience working alongside agencies, publishers, tournament ops and production companies. We can fit into your existing production workflow whether you need just the tech for your live stream or a full end-to-end package. Because of our ability to scale, we can deliver everything from small gaming events featuring a handful of players to multi-day live events with hundreds of competitors playing simultaneously. Our technology and production workflows are also highly adaptable, from SDI to NDI, and our team is consistently improving to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.

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Twitch is the leading platform for live gaming and esports events. Owned by Amazon, the platform amassed over 660 billion viewed minutes in 2019 and the platform offers brands, charities and xxx the opportunity to tap into an enormous community of passionate fans who have also proved incredibly generous, particularly on charity activations. Twitch is also expanding its dedicated subcategories into cooking, fitness, talk shows and music.


Mixer is the Microsoft owned live streaming platform focused on gaming and esports events. The platform continues to grow at a rapid rate and recently acquired gaming superstar Ninja for a reported $50 million to stream exclusively on the platform. Clients can stream to mixer as part of their gaming and esports activations in addition to syndicating to other platforms and tap into the 10 million active monthly users.

YouTube Gaming

Live streaming your event to YouTube is perfect for a high-quality stream as audiences will not just be tuning in on their phones, but likely to be watching on their desktop or smart screen devices in HD. The live stream will also be pulled through to search engines, improving your reach and increasing the likelihood that you’ll deliver on your KPI’s.

Additional Services.


Groovy Gecko can offer both full end to end production or fill in the missing piece of the production jigsaw. From single camera shoots to multi camera broadcasts, we can supply specialist camera equipment, vision mixing, sound and multi skilled operators for both portable and truck-based solutions.


REALM is a suite of tools which helps clients increase the engagement, accessibility and reach of their live stream. The tools offer a user-friendly, front-end platform to manage features such as live questions, viewer polling / voting, news tickers and stream syndication.

GG Shuttle

The GG shuttle Is a compact and portable production unit designed to offer the ultimate flexibility for live broadcasts. The shuttle Includes encoders, vision mixing, audio solutions and camera equipment and was designed to allow users not to be confined to streaming from one location.

GG Live Chat

This is a real time, video conversation tool which can connect multiple locations together. Whether you have a worldwide cinema link up ahead of a film premiere or more Intimate fire side chat with a director, GG Live Chat offers the opportunity to connect your talent and audiences and bring them together for a live event.

Venue Connectivity.

As an addition to our live streaming services, Groovy Gecko also benefits from a satellite downlinking facility, with connections to BT Tower & NY waterfront. We also have a suite of LiveU units which can provide connectivity on-site no matter where you are. The broad range of signal acquisition options allows us to downlink content from anywhere in the world without needing to be on site. Once we have the feed at our London hub, we can then deliver the streams to a host of platforms including social media platforms or our LPS.

LiveU offers a solution where internet connectivity is limited onsite. Particularly useful for outside broadcasts, or those on the move, the unit works by bonding cellular data to create an upstream internet connection which transmits video content back to our London hub and can also act as a standalone internet connection in ‘data bridge’ mode.




Fibre via BT tower


Fibre via New York Waterfront


Satellite uplink / downlink


GG Video Calling


Cinema Connect

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