Console Setup and Acquisition Workflow Solutions


Immerse your players in gaming experiences that are truly remarkable with Groovy Gecko’s tailored Console Setup and Acquisition Workflow. As an essential sub-service of our Gaming and Esports offerings, we take pride in ensuring seamless and uninterrupted gaming experiences during your events. Trust Groovy Gecko to provide a gaming environment that keeps the thrill of the competition alive while delivering compelling visuals for your audience.


Service Overview:

Flawless Console Setup: Groovy Gecko’s team identifies and provides gaming consoles and PCs fit for your esports events. With an in-depth understanding of the gaming industry, our team creates an optimized environment that keeps gamers at the peak of their performance. From testing CPU and GPU loads to making game setting recommendations, we prioritise an uninterrupted and competitive gaming experience.

Adaptable Acquisition Workflow: We navigate through the complexities of SDI and NDI workflows. Based on your brief and budget, we provide tailored recommendations that accommodate both the venue infrastructure and console limitations. With our production workflow, we bring multiple gamer feeds into a cohesive narrative, offering viewers a comprehensive understanding of the competition’s progression.


By incorporating Groovy Gecko’s console setup and acquisition workflow into your gaming events, you can ensure smooth and competitive gameplay for participants and an engaging viewing experience for your audience. Our technical expertise and event management skills ensure that your esports events achieve their full potential.

Take a moment to explore our case studies to see how our services have elevated gaming events. These examples showcase our professional Console Setup and Acquisition Workflow in action and demonstrate the positive impact we can make on your esports events.

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    Groovy Gecko is an industry leader in providing exceptional gaming and esports services. Our unique Console Setup and Acquisition Workflow sub-service is designed to ensure that your gaming events are flawlessly executed, engaging, and memorable. With our innovative technology, specialised expertise, and a commitment to quality, Groovy Gecko ensures a gaming experience that is both immersive for participants and exciting for viewers.

    Upgrade your gaming events with Groovy Gecko’s professional Console Setup and Acquisition Workflow. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and discover how we can elevate your gaming experiences.


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