What is live Event production?

Live production is about much more than just recording footage. It’s about creating a compelling live show, initial planning and designing of the event, vision mixing live cameras, rolling VT’s, pushing graphics, reacting to real time events and having a backup plan for the backup plan. With over two decades of live production experience, Groovy Gecko’s global team of producers and technicians have created live programming in multiple locations around the world for some of the biggest brands.

What industries do we cover?

As one of the leading live event production companies in the UK, our team has experience working with a wide range of industries, including music festivals, conferences, corporate events, and more. No matter what type of event you’re planning, we have the expertise and resources to make it a happen. Whether you’re looking for a large live event video production for an international conference or a smaller scale live event production, Groovy Gecko is your go-to top quality live production company in the UK and internationally.

What’s our process? (Pre-production and equipment)

During the initial project scoping, we start by discussing the creative aspects of your live event and identifying the technical components needed to execute your vision. Once we understand what you’re looking to produce and the budget available, we will work closely with you to tailor a production package that will best deliver this.

Next, we’ll jump into pre-production by building the kit and crew needed to execute your live event. We’ll keep you up to date on our progress, checking in regularly as the creative for the project develops. When we reach the day for the live production, we’ll be there on the ground to provide coordination, management, troubleshooting, and problem-solving so we can deliver a world class live event video production.


Our clients

Our live production team give clients the confidence and support they need when developing multi-camera production projects. Regardless of scale, complexity, or location, Groovy Gecko provides clients with world class live productions, ranging from 100+ camera productions for esports activations to multi-camera on location shoots to capture live events.

case study examples.

Ofcom live event
Selfridges X Groovy Gecko Collab
Novo Nordisk: My Company Meetings
INTEL X Dr Lupo in the Escape
IFB National Conference
Series of pharma webcasts
TBD Virtual Conference
Cadbury Secret Santa
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Production Pricing Packages.

we can provide:


Planning, budgeting, graphic design, scripting, and consulting.


Venue selection and permitting.


Including workflow engineering.


Sourcing and management of all production equipment.


Production crewing, including technical and creative teams.


Live streaming, encoding, and captioning.


Design and integration of pre-produced video and graphic assets.

remote production.

In an ever-changing world we can help you deliver your live regardless of current restrictions on travel, gatherings or presenters being pinged shortly before lives. Our Presenter packs help us deliver both full end to end productions virtually or fill in the missing piece of the production jigsaw. From single camera shoots to multi camera broadcasts, we can supply specialist camera equipment, vision mixing, sound and multi skilled operators for virtual productions ensuring that we can always deliver something that feels highly produced rather than a streamed Zoom call. Our technology allows for:


  • Multiple simultaneous global virtual presenters and guests
  • No installation required, presenters and guests only need Chrome installed
  • Personalised link for each participant to initialise connection
  • Onboarding of all presenter with an engineer to optimise camera shots and quality
  • Presenters can deliver and manage their own slide decks

We help with Venue sourcing and Connectivity.

As an addition to our live streaming services, Groovy Gecko also benefits from a satellite downlinking facility, with connections to BT Tower & NY waterfront. We also have a suite of LiveU units which can provide connectivity on-site no matter where you are. The broad range of signal acquisition options allows us to downlink content from anywhere in the world without needing to be on site. Once we have the feed at our London hub, we can then deliver the streams to a host of platforms including social media platforms or our LPS.

LiveU offers a solution where internet connectivity is limited onsite. Particularly useful for outside broadcasts, or those on the move, the unit works by bonding cellular data to create an upstream internet connection which transmits video content back to our London hub and can also act as a standalone internet connection in ‘data bridge’ mode.




Fibre via BT tower


Fibre via New York Waterfront


Satellite uplink / downlink


GG Video Calling


Cinema Connect

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